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E.D. Luce Packaging - About Us

E.D. Luce Packaging is a wholesale distributor of bottles, jars, vials, containers, prescription packaging and pharmacy supplies since 1943. We offer a wide variety of glass bottles, glass jars, plastic bottles, plastic jars, prescription vials, containers and closures.

We also stock a large variety of containers and dispensing closures for healing potions, herbal remedies, aromatherapy products, candlemakers, soapmakers, crafts and cosmetics.

We carry a growing line of PET plastic bottles and jars for cosmetic products and aromatherapy blends such as lotions, gels, scrubs and bath salts. Our large selection of glass bottles include: amber, cobalt blue and clear. Our clear glass bottles and jars are very popular for packaging gourmet foods as well as candles.