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Hexagon Gourmet Food Jars and Sauce Bottles
The packaging you choose ( jars and bottles) can dress up your sauces, syrups, jellies, jams, honey and spice and herb mixtures. These glass jars and bottles are used commercially for gourmet products as well as at home. 
We do not know how to do this.... but we do pass on information from our customers who have had problems or success in using our containers without large commercial equipment.
For example (about the jars with lug caps)

Directions: Sterilize jars and fill hot.. leaving room at the top of the jar for expansion. Quickly twist on the lug caps and invert jars to seal. (we have recently been told)

and (about the syrup bottles)

"By the way - the jars are just wonderful.  I was a little worried about 
the pressure sensitive caps but they sealed very well.  Your clerks who took my orders said they weren't sure about how they sealed.  I do quite a bit of home canning and have always used the water bath method.  I made sure the bottles were steaming hot and the syrup I made was boiling when I put it in the jars.  The vacuum set up just great and the seal seems to be very secure.  Thank you so much for carrying these very nifty bottles for those of us who like to make our special homemade syrups." 
Margy also said:
"  I don't know how long the shelf life would be but I would imagine a few months would be just fine.  I shipped some to my siblings and their families and they are excited about getting them. 
The jars seal just like the syrup bottles you get in the store.  VERY COOL! "

Shown in the picture above (from the left...HEX jar, Syrup bottle, Herb or spice swing top shaker bottle, Hexagon sauce bottle and more Hexagons. 
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NEW! Latch Lid Glass Jars from France

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